Getting Sweet with Connie Mottle of Dessert Divas!

At our recent styled shoot, Going to the Chapel in Style, dessert curator Connie Mottle of Dessert Divas created a one-of-a-kind dessert table equipped with cookies, brownies, pies, s’mores shooters AND cupcakes. Whew! What a sugar rush!


As an official dessert curator for the past three years, Connie loves the creativity that comes with the craft. “There is nothing better than pairing a few of my favorite things…sweets, creativity and styling! All to bring my client a one-of-a-kind styled dessert buffet – no matter what the occasion!”


Connie takes the time to really get to know her clients’ style and personality so that their buffets are customized to their individual likes. They even go above and beyond, using Pinterest pages and incorporating special or personal elements into the design upon the clients’ request. As you can see, she did an excellent job holding true to the color scheme, even personalizing the shoot with “Bride & Groom” cupcakes and a handmade cake topper.

The featured dessert was a stylish, scaled-down version of what Connie calls “FooFoo”, a dessert her Grandmother would make when they were kids.

Going to the Chapel-32 copy

Here’s how you make it!

Ingredients: angel food cake (or any other “white” cake), blueberry filling, whipping cream


Step 1: Break apart the cake and pack in the bottom of glass

Step 2: Pour in your blueberry filling

Step 3: Layer with whipping cream and repeat if necessary

Step 4: Top with fresh blueberries and mint leaf

To get the desired layered look, Connie says it’s best to pipe in the filling and whipped cream. For an added touch, she used antique glassware but any glassware will do. The same versatility applies to the cake and different fruits/flavors. “Sky is the limit!”

Embellished with a cake-topper, this simple dessert is turned into an elegant arrangement that any bride-to-be can easily prepare.


Here’s the materials Connie used to make it!

-scrapbook paper


-circuit machine (or you can cut out the preferred design yourself)

-lacy labels

-letter stamps



-glue dots

-wood skewers

Assemble as needed and be creative! Any DIY is super special because it is created by YOU!

Voila! Thank you so much Connie for your scrumptious desserts and beautiful design!

Q & A with Ashley, Owner of Signature Bridal Salon

While the Poshterns and I were planning our recent styled shoot “Going to the Chapel in Style” I had an little interview with Signature Bridal Salon, Owner Ashley.  As you can imagine, I am always looking for ways to share gorgeous inspiration, while teaching something at the same time.  The conversation I had with her taught me a bunch and I have to say that she, her team and the Salon are amazing!  If you are looking for a wedding gown in Austin Texas, do yourself a favor and go visit them!

Now enough of me talking… onto the interview. [Read more...]

Kiss by Katie Feature Post

Makeup and hair artist, Katie Franks of Kiss by Katie, recently lent her talents for our bride’s look in our Going to the Chapel in Style styled shoot. Seeing how the pics turned out, she did an awesome job!


For the past 4½ years, Katie has been doing hair and makeup for brides all over Austin. She started as a youngster playing with her grandmothers lipsticks and makeup brushes, and, as a self-proclaimed “girly-girl”, this continued throughout her life. Her attendance at Beauty School allowed for her passion to grow further leading to a professional career as a wedding makeup artist.

Needless to say, Katie LOVES her job, even making it through some tough makeup emergencies. “One time my airbrush machine BROKE right before I was about to start on my bride! *NIGHTMARE* Ironically, I brought MY personal foundation and it actually matched her skin tone! I just highlighted and contoured her face to perfection and the end result was flawless!”

When it comes to working with a potential makeup artist, Katie advises each bride to make sure to ask what their booking process may be, as each artist’s business model is unique to them. It is also important to review their work and service prices to make sure everyone is on the same page.

What makes Katie stand out is her “WOW” factor and loves a bride that is open for some high glamour on her special day. “An example of this would be adding beautiful false lashes and a bold lip to really amp up the look,” she says.

For this shoot, Katie chose a dramatic eye effect. In fact, this look paired perfectly with her jewelry provided by Whitney, of Stella & Dot jewelry. It turned out GREAT!


Additionally, Katie gave us her expertise on how to create this Smokey Eye look.

What you’ll need: Fluffy brush, flat brush, and a great eyeshadow palette such as any of the NAKED collections!

Step 1: Apply transition shade into the crease with a loose fluffy brush. (a “transition” shade can be a light, neutral color i.e. light brown)

Step 2: Pat on a medium shade, such as a mocha, onto the entire lid using a small flat brush.

Step 3: Lightly tap your brush in the black and apply on the outer corner of your eye. Blend as desired.

Step 4: Apply liner and mascara as needed!

Katie also adds that you can create the smokey eye look with any color palette. Depending on occasion, you can use neutrals, bolds or both! For a more refined look, you can do metallics and shimmers. “The possibilities are endless!”

Thanks Katie for all your hard work in making our day so glamorous!

Wedding Makeup Arist Kisses by Katie Gives You Glamor

Have you thought about your makeup artist for your wedding? Want a look of glamor and WOW when your future man sees you for the first time? Meet Katie from Kisses by Katie!

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Bridal Extravaganza January 2014

What a weekend! As a lover of all things wedding related, and a one-day-future-bride-to-be, I had so much fun meeting vendors, trying out products, and learning about opportunities for my future wedding. I hope you were able to attend this event and gain some inspiration for your big day! If not, I wanted to share some highlights I experienced on Sunday! [Read more...]

Spacecraft Entertainment: Who’s DJ-ing Your Wedding?

Depending on you, you’re concerned with your wedding dress, or your floral arrangements, or maybe the wedding cake is what is most important to you. I personally have been involved in theater and have worked with production pros, so while my wedding dress might take high priority, a close second is the entertainment factor to my reception. When I went to The Blueprint Events Around the World in 80 Days, I was impressed with the style and feel of Spacecraft Entertainment and wanted to dig a bit deeper into how this business meshes with the wedding industry. I was able to get in touch with Jeff Hudson from Spacecraft Entertainment. Perhaps you’re not sure how to approach the entertainment factor of the lights and sounds of your reception and ceremony, hopefully Jeff can give some insight! [Read more...]

Around the World in 80 Days: The Blueprint Events

Right before Thanksgiving, I had the privilege to meet some wonderful people at The Blueprint Events’ Around the World in 80 Days, which was an opportunity for fellow entrepreneurs to meet and greet! I had a great time meeting all sorts of people working in a variety of businesses and industries mostly geared to events and wedding planning. [Read more...]

Posh’s 2nd Birthday is Friday – Come Celebrate!

Attention all Poshies! Come celebrate Posh’s 2nd Birthday with us at Posh Coworking this Friday November 1 from 5 – 8 PM. There will be plenty of cocktails and cake to go around, and of course a lot of fun with a great community of wonderful people. Don’t be shy and take time to unwind at our little birthday bash this weekend! Meet new members and congregate with old friends. This will be a great time for all of us to get to know each other better and make new friends. We hope you can stop by, have a drink, a slice of cake, and a few laughs!Posh 2nd Birthday


Kelly Clarkson’s Bachelorette Party Spotlights Austinite’s Local Business

Bachelorette parties come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. And Kelly Clarkson’s last night of singleness was no exception. The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Company (TMVTPC) proudly hosted Clarkson’s rather risque soiree, but with an air class and elegance. Clarkson’s private party highlighted a 1920′s theme with 21st century flare. According to E! News, Clarkson’s pictures reveal the bride-to-be and guests, “…wore retro, flapper-era accessories, and were served cocktails out of tiny tea pots labeled “moonshine,” “whiskey,” “scotch” and more.” Those in charge of organizing this celebrity’s gathering were sworn to secrecy, but owner of The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Company, Sophie Parrott opened up to E! News about the services provided at such an occasion. [Read more...]

Austinite Makeup Artist Educates Salons through Mirabella Brand

When I was one of nine bridesmaids this past weekend in Los Angeles, I was not too sure who would be doing my makeup and hair for the big day of our dear friend. She had her own private makeup session with a professional and looked absolutely stunning. The bridal party; however, unsure who to turn to looked to our fellow bridesmaid who prepped and styled all of us with fabulous hair and makeup. We joked how she should really delve into cosmetics professionally, so she could make a pretty penny doing what she loves.

And if she were in Austin today, I would send her to this lovely makeup professional for a Mirabella training session.

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