Pretty Pastel {Wedding Inspiration}

Pastel weddings have been common for a long time. It seems like the trend never seems to be an “out” idea. I must admit, that I am super partial to pink, and today’s post is a celebration of all of the other pastel colors we can use for inspiration. Especially since pink seems to be done in excess here on the Posh blog.

As usual, I went to my favorite place to look for current wedding trend ideas… Pinterest!  I searched for weddings that incorporate, or feature a pastel color pallet. I was surprised by how many boards there were that incorporated pastel wedding gowns, and that took me down a path that kept me oohing and ahhing for about an hour.

The first stop, as any newly engaged gal knows, is your gown so why not start there?


Wearing a white wedding gown became popular during the Victorian era, with elites, after Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.  As accounts of her wedding spread, elites followed her lead.  Isn’t that just like us Princesses? With the limitation of laundering techniques, white dresses gave elites an opportunity for conspicuous consumption. They wanted to wear them as a way to demonstrate their families wealth. Before the Queen started this trend, it was commonplace for brides to wear heavily detailed gowns, embroidered with white and silver thread. European and American Brides had been wearing colors including blue, yellow and event red and black!



So you say you want to wear white? Can’t picture yourself in a colored wedding gown? That’s cool, you can still create a soft and stunning wedding using pastels by leveraging your girls! Find dresses that flatter their body types, and let them each pick their favorite color in a pastel tone.



This beach inspired reception table setting features pasted blue charger plates  and english inspired clusters of flowers.  There really are no rules for a creating the perfect table setting. If you love it, then do it!



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