Keep on Truckin It

Food trucks!

Big trailer, little trailer, cart, wagon, they are all over Austin! In parks, sidewalks, parking lots; they even have their own trailer park on South 1st. Any foodie will tell you how good food trucks are. They are trendy, fast service, eclectic, and absolutely delicious. Food trucks are becoming such a big trend these days that they have even started to be incorporated in weddings! People have been using them for main courses if it’s a small wedding, a place to take a break in between breaking it down on the dance floor, and of course as late night munchies. With food trucks as such a fad right now, who wouldn’t want one at there wedding? I know I would love to chow down on some East Side Kings after breaking a sweat on the dance floor, or nibble on one of Gourdough’s amazing donuts topped with all kinds of goodies. Food trucks may not be for the traditional sit-down wedding, but if you’re planning a casual or outdoor wedding, you should really consider looking into a food truck. The beauty of food truck’s is they can personalize a menu at a much cheaper cost then your typical banquet food, and it’s gourmet! How could you say no to that?

Check out some food trucks seen at weddings and some of Austin’s local favorites

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What is your favorite local food truck? Would you have one at your wedding?

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