An Elegant Romance Wedding by Origin Photos

While I am a huge fan of the backyard and rustic wedding theme, I am finding that elegant and stylish weddings are becoming more popular! And with its growing popularity, I am falling in love with the more dramatic look.

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Bride’s Advocate Venue Advice How Do I Pay For It?

So you’ve settled your heart on a couple of places that you’re still flip-flopping between, but you’re really ready to start talking about paying for the perfect venue. However, in the back of your mind, you’ve been seeing these prices that include at least four digits and you have no idea how you really begin to prepare to pay for this. I mean, you still have to eat and pay for Netflix, right? So, how exactly should you approach that price tag for your wedding venue? [Read more...]

A Beach Front Picnic Wedding

Ocean Isle Beach or simply Ocean Isle is a small seaside town located in Brunswick County, North Carolina. One of the most quaint small towns on the Carolina coast. The population was at only 550 people when the last census was taken. This makes it the perfect location for a destination picnic wedding and that is just what Leslie and Jon wanted to create for their big day.

The little town is peppered with historic houses like the one Leslie and Jon chose. The majestic entrance to the house is the perfect place for candid, and posed shots with your family!


You don’t often see houses of this magnitude on the beach and when you do they are usually someones private residence. The charm is just oozing over from this one. Can you imagine all of the different ways you can use the house as a backdrop for photos?


Looking out over the beach just before they walk down the aisle, the love birds took a few minutes to relax and enjoy a moment. The day moves so fast they just wanted to take it all in and burn the moment into their memory.

ocean-isle-beach-picnic-wedding.jpgThe arbor that Leslie wanted for the ceremony was created with 8 bamboo poles and draped  with white organza. To finish off the beach look, a DIY garland of starfish and clamshells was loosely draped on top of the organza.



picnic-beach-wedding-sign.jpgThe relaxed vibe that a picnic beach wedding creates is depicted here. Guests arrive as they are to celebrate the beginning of the newlyweds new life.



I just love the way Leslie is looking at Jon in this shot. Either she is up to something, or she is cherishing the sweet words that Jon so carefully crafted to use as his wedding vows.


Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb213_lowDon’t forget to take off your shoes and enjoy every little moment of your day! Jon and Leslie want that for you too!

Credits | Photographer  |  Arbor  | Event Designer | Officiant 

My Friday Favorites: Texas Venues

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How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Venue

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Wedding Makeup Arist Kisses by Katie Gives You Glamor

Have you thought about your makeup artist for your wedding? Want a look of glamor and WOW when your future man sees you for the first time? Meet Katie from Kisses by Katie!

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Vera Wang 2014

I am a Vera Wang fan and have been since I was a teenager and so I just had to showcase the new 2014 collection for this Spring! [Read more...]

Posh It Yourself Friday: Imprinted Bowls

I’ll be honest. This week has been a roller coaster for me and I was unable to make the project I had intended for this week, but I’ve actually been putting this one off for far too long to simply let it go by the way-side. So, my sweet friend Claire agreed to let me post her take on this project. [Read more...]

Pinspiration Inspiration

I am a self-diagnosed “Pinterest-oholic”. So when the opportunity presented itself to collaborate and design a bridal styled shoot for Jenni Roberts Photography I jetted to my Pinterest board. With a jolt of hydrenaline, I quickly started my search. What is the color scheme? How do I envision the flower arrangements? What are the smaller details we want to feature?

Now I know for most, Pinterest it’s a shared social space where we can visually find things that peak well, our ‘Interest’ (duh). But it also can be used for so much more in terms of design, collaboration and inspiring ideas to help a concept come to life.

I admit, it can be overwhelming at first even thinking about coming up with an idea for an event, wedding, celebration heck…even a career path. Thankfully, when working with an experienced photographer like Jenni, they usually have a concept in mind. I for one pick an object that can get your creative juices flowing and one or two colors centered around it. Jenni liked the ideas of a lot of sweets involved so truffles, cookies, cupcakes etc. along with of course the Valentine’s theme, but made a bit softer with light pink and mint green.

JRShoot -CupcakesJRShoot -mint mason jar

Thus, we use Pinterest for what it does best, finding pictures that inspire us! From my initial Inspiration Board, I centered my search around photographs that represented Jenni’s vision and color scheme. As a bridal shoot, I chose to pick shoes and a dress cause those would be the most accentuated along with the sweets.

JRShoot -shoesJRShoot -dress

For other events, you can always choose to center your vision around flowers, food, venue space or anything else that truly jumps out at you. Then those same concepts can be transferred to the final product.

JRShoot -cake    Posh Valentine's Hi Res-62 copy

Through this process I discovered that Pinterest was no longer a website I meandered from time to time when I was bored or at work (for those 9-5ers) but also a tool to bring a vision to reality through the use of photographs. Also, by inviting Jenni and other vendors, everyone can stay involved and on the same page about visions.

So here ya go! The Inspiration Board vs. Jenni Roberts Sweet Valentine’s Design Board. What do you think?

JRShoot_Final Collage(2)   JRStyledShoot_Final

How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

So, you have your preferred dress color and budget and you’re ready to go off to the store and pick out “the one,” right?? Oh wait, there are a ton of dresses in the color and price range you want, but there are only dozens of styles and cuts and you didn’t study fashion, so how do know what looks good on your body? Sure you’ve mastered your jean size, but a wedding dress size is completely different! Thankfully, having a rough idea of your actual dress size does give you some guidance, but you’re not sure if an A-line or mermaid cut is the way to go. More than likely you will have advice from your entourage of friends, family, and your mom will have plenty to say about that dropped neckline, but what do YOU know? Before you waltz into that salon, be a bit more confident about your body type and know what to expect when it comes to cut, fit, and style of your dress.

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