Jenny Lee’s Fall 2014 Bridal Gowns at New York International Bridal Week

All the hustle and bustle going on for the upcoming New York International Bridal Week in October, led me to do some research on who will be showcasing their designs to buyers this year, and I came across Lenny Lee’s Fall 2014 Bridal line. Here is a sneak peek of the photo shoot. Check back during Bridal week October 11th through the 13th to see her entire gown line feature!

Mary’s Colors – Vintage Revival

Vintage Revival-featured

I am so excited to share this inspiration board with you! Not only because it is a super cute vintage revival theme and if you have been reading our blog long, you know that we are gah gah for all things vintage!

The bigger reason why I’m jiggling in my seat excited, is because  Mary has decided that she loved her internship here so much…. she decided that she wants to keep doing a little bit while attending her first semester of her sophomore year at Tulane University in New Orleans! (Doesn’t that just make you love her even more?)

If you have never been to NOLA, make plans and GO!!  The city has an infectious charm and romanticism that you just can’t find anywhere else. (No wonder Mary is so great at this!)

Here is her first inspiration board as a Sophomore!

Vintage Revival

I love everything about this board and could so see Mary in love with all of these elements on her wedding day.  ;-)

Go here to see more of Mary’s Colors and be sure to let Mary know how happy you are she is going to stick around!


Sources || Dresses by Gabriel and Carin Photography || Teacups by Beaux Arts Photographie || Headpiece by Kathryn Krueger || Camera by Natalie Spencer || Table Display by Lane Dittoe Photography ||

A Wedding Planner Can Save Your Budget

yellow umbrella events

I know a lot of us aren’t made of money, so finding a worthy investment can be time consuming and frustrating when you aren’t exactly sure whether that investment is worth the cost. I have talked a bit about wedding budgets and wedding planners, but after talking to Cheryl from Yellow Umbrella Events, I have found out some info that might help you understand why the investment of a wedding planner might be a budget saver in the long run. [Read more...]

Amsale Fall 2014 Bridal Collection Preview


Today, I needed to find a really quick and gratifying post that shared my love for great fashion design and weddings. Things around here have been super busy, and I so want to stick with my commitment to share and inspire with you at least 3x a week… so forgive the brevity of this post. (I promise it’ll be packed with gorgeous gowns)

Amsale has been one of the chosen bridal gown designers featured in Kleinfeld bridal. And I can see why.  The classic elegant designs lend themselves to haute couture while remaining true to tradition and flexibility. Did that make sense?

Here are just a few from the Fall 2014 Line for you to enjoy.





There were so many gowns in the Fall line that are stunning. Check them all out here and watch for our upcoming post featuring Amsale’s Spring 2015 Bridal Collection.

DIY Tinted Glass Jars

Photo 5

When it comes to the reception of your wedding, the centerpieces on the tables should stand out. They keep the reception from looking plain and boring while making the tables vibrant, alluring your guests to sit down. But with floral arrangement prices being high and you having a tight budget, how can you have some awesome centerpieces at your wedding? Easy, with one simple word. DIY. This activity teaches how to stain glass, making the base of the flowers pop as well as complimenting the fake flowers you put in.

Here are the steps on how to stain glass jars:

In order to do this you need a glass bottle (obviously), mod podge, ink, water, a bowl, and a spoon to mix the ingredients together.

Photo 1

First combine 1tbsp of water with ink. The more ink you have, the darker the glass will be. Depending on what shade you’re looking for, add as much ink as you need. If the shade looks lighter than what you want, you can always add more ink into the mixture later.

Photo 2

Add two tablespoons of mod podge into the glass. I picked this glass because of the shape. Originally I got this bottle from the grocery store when I was shopping for Starbuck’s Iced Coffee. Eventually, after drinking all three I liked the shape of the bottles so much, I kept them.

Photo 6

Now add the water and ink mixture into the glass and start stirring. This was a little tricky for me since there’s a tight gap in the jar. When it came to the second and third glass, I added the mod podge to the water/ink mixture before adding it into the glass.

Photo 7

Photo 8

Twirl the glass around until the inside is completely covered by the mod podge mixture. I would highly recommend doing this step in front of the sink. More than likely there will be a spill and it’s better to have it land in the sink rather than the floor. If there is any remaining mixture in the glass, dump it down the sink.

Photo 9

Now turn the glass upside down so the opening is touching the sink. This helps remove any excess mixture.

Photo 3

After all the excess mix has drained, turn the glass right side up and let it dry for 3-4 hours.

Photo 4

Tada!!! Tinted glass jars!

Photo 5

I’ve added some fake flowers to the jars and they look so beautiful!!! WARNING! Do NOT add water inside the jars. This will wash away the ink, therefore destroying all your hard work :(

Hope y’all had fun with this glass tinting DIY. Check out Posh Bridal Lounge for more DIY projects!

Blush and Gold Wedding Inspiration

I think if I were allowed, I would get married every day. I love to play dress up and be a prissy girl.  But this dress, really makes me want to have a reason to wear it.

One of the trends that I am seeing happen in the wedding world, is more and more of you are wearing a non traditional wedding gown. And I absoblutely LOVE the idea.  After all, wearing white just doesn’t work for everyone.

Are you considering wearing a non traditional wedding gown? We would love to feature you. Fill out the form below and tell us about your dress.

My Friday’s Favorites’ Fall Colors

Fall colors 2014

Well, it’s that time of year again! The North gets to begin watching the leaves change color, walking in the crisp, cool evening air, and wrapping scarves around their neck. Texas though – well, we might have three weeks late into January that we’ll enjoy such luxuries. But it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy changing our wardrobe and decor to fit the supposed season of fall which is September 22! (Points if you knew the date!)

With Fall upon our heels – whether it feels like it or not – I am excited to bring back My Friday Favorites with my Favorite Fall Colors! This color palette was created based mainly on the Pantone Fall Color Report for 2014, but I added my own personal favorite with Dusk Blue. I like the cobalt Pantone picked, but for me, fall is full of rich colors, and I felt like my palette needed a dash of lighter tones, so I went with this different hue of blue.

Mauve Mist

PicMonkey Collage

| Dress | Necklace | Cake |

Aurora Red


| Dress | Flower | Invitation |

Dusk Blue

Dusk Blue

| Dress | | Bridesmaids | Hair Piece|

Cypress Green

cypress green

| Cake | Flowers | Invitation |



| Dress | Cake | Shoes|



Five Shabby Chic Wedding Tips

PicMonkey Collage

Shabby Chic is definitely a style Austin is familiarizing itself with, and with our recent shoot Blue Rock Boho, we discovered some of those classy elements that create that peace-loving feel while dressing it up to the nines. So, what is boho anyway? And how do you pull off the style and be wedding-glam?

2014 Healy Jesse Photography [Read more...]

Advice from a Pro: Getting the Wedding Pictures You Want

Sarah Siller Photography

When you dream of your special day you probably see it in a few clips and stills. You can probably already see the beautiful wedding album that your children and grandchildren will love to look at, so you go to find a photographer to fit that image. That is a fabulous first step.

I know there is a ton of planning going on and you might have thought once you pick your photographer you are done, but they will not know what, or more importantly who, is important to you without much more information.

Your photographer will probably set up meetings and have questions and lists to help identify the people, places and times that will be most important to you. This is a crucial second step. Make sure you think about two things, all the people you want formal pictures with and how much time you want to spend taking these pictures. Having a large amount of extended family and friends be part of this time of day means that you will be spending quite a bit of time smiling at a camera instead of enjoying your perfectly planned party, so be exclusive and remember you can always grab people for pictures throughout the reception. To help these pictures go smoothly and quickly it is also best to keep only necessary people close by, having extra people around watching and trying to get a “quick pic” with cell phones will only take up more time as your photographer tries to get everyone’s attention and keep random flashes from other cameras from ruining your professional photos.

In addition to having a list of who you want in your pictures, you should make sure you communicate any special shots you want to get. There are so many special, beautiful moments throughout your day, both planned and unplanned, trust your photographer to document it, but don’t expect them to read your mind if you know ahead of time you want a specific moment captured. There are many different moments you can plan together, such as first looks, special prayers, special moments in your ceremony such as a unity candle, opening gifts to each other before the ceremony, sparkler departure….. I could just name hundreds of beautiful traditions that can be captured by your photographer, but only if they know where and when everything is happening.

So now you have chosen your photographer based on a style you like and can communicate well all the people and special moments that are on your must haves list, your next step is to trust your photographer to do their job and have the day you dreamed of knowing it will be captured beautifully.

Southwest Style Color Report



Everything about this color palette is simply breathtaking. The bead & feather necklace + her maxi cutout dress couldn’t bring this stunning bouquet together any better.



|| Sources || Floral Design By Honey & Poppies | Photo By Jose Villa |