True Love Waits – Years and Miles Apart

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It’s true. Love is definitely worth the wait. Don’t believe me? Just ask these childhood sweethearts how long they had to wait to even walk up to the altar! Meet Jantzee and Devin. [Read more...]

Trend Report: Cut Out Dresses


So, let me gush a bit – ahem..

I LOVE THESE DRESSES! Cut-out wedding gowns are a perfect balance of sexy and sophisticated and provide as much or as little elegance you want and can fit any style of bride. The detailing is divine and mixed with lace and beading makes this look classic and timeless, though a modern trend. Thanks to our Poshtern Kelly for cluing me into these dresses! Is the cut out look not for you? Not sure what your wedding dress style is? Check out these other posts about cut and fabrics of wedding dresses!

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Keep Cool for Your Summer Wedding

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Have a summer wedding? Worried you and your guests will melt along with your cake and flowers? Well, some people might try to beat the summer heat with trips to the beach and are water-bound to keep cool, but Brittany Alies Photography got me to totally chill-out in the Texas 101 degree weather with this wintry blast from Alpena, Michigan! However, in the dead of summer, what’s a girl to do if her wedding is outside in the bright heat of day?
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Industrial Chic Wedding Rentals

When I first started my love for all things weddings, there was NO WAY that anyone I met would even dream of getting married in a garage, or and industrial inspired space. They would squirrel their noses up in disdain at just the hint of a suggestion.

Boy am I glad that has changed.

More of you are injecting your personalities into your wedding, and using creative accent elements in your service pieces, furniture and decor and I LOVE it! Here are just a few that made my favorites.

Industrial Chic Wedding Rentals

1. Corrugated Steel Bar


If you are in the DC, Boston, NYC area, this bar can be rented for $100. If not, I bet that a really crafty fiance with a few limited power tools could pop one of these out in no time. Then after the wedding is over, you can plop it down in your back yard or on your patio!

Photo: New England Country Rentals

2. Rolling Bookshelf


I am so excited when all of the glasses, and bar supplies are in plain sight! This Mansard Bookshelf from Rentquest would create a super styled bar back for your wedding party. All you need to do is find a gold painted deer head, some vintage books and insert the booze!

3. Hammered Tray



The room is starting to come into focus! We have an industrial bar and bar back stocked up with all of the necessary items for a stellar party, and the tables are set with these contemporary diamond plate steel hammered trays, filled with risers made of industrial pipe pieces, candles and succulents! The trays can also be used by your wait staff to serve hourderves or even the cake after it is cut.

Courtesy of Event Rental Group. Price to rent the Hammered Tray is $13

4. Cogwheel Highboy Table


I am such a sucker for steam punk, so the Cogwheel highboy table just works for me.  You can rent these all over the nation, but we found them at FWR Rental Haus – Los Angelos

5. Tolix Marais Chair


I actually have a few of these chairs in the office here at Posh, and we love them. I admit, they don’t really look that comfy, but who is going to sit for a long time at the party in the first place? We fond these for rental in NY, NJ area from Greenroom for only 19.50. That is sometimes cheaper than renting standard chairs, and then adding slipcovers and sashes!

There you have it! 5 of my favorite Industrial Chic accents. What are you doing to create your personal style at your wedding?

My Friday Favorites from Crema Bakery & Cafe

Two days ago, my mother surprised me with reservations at Crema Bakery & Cafe . I was pleasantly surprised as we walked in and Mom turned to me and said, “Surprise! Wedding cake tasting!”

When Posh was just a baby, the owner of Crema, Jessica Forkner, used our offices to meet with her clients! Back then she was just beginning her journey into becoming a Cafe owner. Objects of Confection, Austins original cake ball company kept her busy.


We walked into the cafe and we were happily greeted by the girl behind the counter. The afternoon was a planned cake tasting for Brides to Be and their families, so it seemed really fitting that I write a blog post about the event.

After we signed in as guests, and were ushered to one of the many small tables,  one of the cake creators, Connie introduced herself and briefly described the process. She said “Here’s a plate and fork, there is the cake table, take samples and enjoy!”



Surprisingly, the cafe was not crowded, so we were able to take our time swooning over the vast amount of bite size morsels before us. I was so pleased to see that the cake bites were unfrosted, and the frosting tubes were displayed separately. That allowed us to mix and match our cake with our chosen topping.

My advice about cake tasting: try everything. Even if you don’t think you’ll like the flavor, try it anyway. I am glad I did! I am not a fan of almond-anything, but I tried their almond flavored cake and it was in my top favorites! But my absolute FAVORITE (agreed with my mother) was pumpkin with cinnamon or salted caramel frosting! Definitely give it a try!

We are going to keep an eye on Jessica, and her delicious cafe. The next time she has one of these lovely events, we are there!

Using Succulents in Your Wedding


Succulents are one of the freshest wedding trends of 2014 and for good reason- they are almost too good to be true. Adding succulents to your wedding is economical, intriguing, beautiful, and easy.

And don’t think that these flowers only work for a green color palette! These gorgeous plants come in shades of hot pink, indigo, red, orange, grey, and even blue.


Cassidy Tuttle


Etsy Shop Owner Macedonia Flowers

Due to their water-retaining properties, succulents are extremely low maintenance. This allows for bouquets to be arranged up to a week before your big day, with the addition of other filler flowers in the final few hours.

These resilient plants are also great as a DIY project- why hire an expensive venue to do your flowers  when you can buy succulents at your local Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, or online for a fraction of the price? Small succulents can be bought at a low price of just a dollar or two.

To take this trend to its greatest potential- you can even include succulents in your wedding favors, centerpieces, boutonnieres and more. These flowers are bold and can stand alone, or be accompanied by other flowers that incorporate the colors featured in your wedding.

Unlike other flowers, once these plants are cut, they can be replanted and thrive again. Replanting the succulents from your bouquet will create a lasting memory that will remind you of your big day for years to come.

|| Credits || Sources || Cake by Sweet and Saucy, Photography by Meg Perotti || Boutonniere and Bouquet by JL Designs and Events, Photography by Meg Perotti || Tray designed by Fifty Flowers, Photography by Amelia Johnson || Wedding Favors sign by Mirelle Charmichael || Purple Succulents by Cassidy Tuttle || Succulent Wreath by Etsy Shop Owner Macedonia Flowers ||

Trend Report: Naked Cakes EEK!

Dear Wedding Cake…

This is what you are supposed to look like right?

frosted wedding cake

Lovingly filled, torted and wrapped in sticky sweet frosting. Ready to be devoured by wedding guests and poked by their kiddos!
You are NOT supposed to have your icing peeled off, so I can get to your moist yummy insides!

loverly-naked cake

So why don’t you just come to the party NAKED instead!


How much fun would that be?


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Pearls, Lace, and Gatsby Glamor Wedding

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Happy Tuesday! And to kick it off, I’m sharing one of the (still) most popular trends for weddings for 2014 – Gatsby Glam!

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Darling Desert Weddings

When you think of the desert, the first things that come to mind are dirt, dust and tumbleweeds. But this arid environment is thriving with life. Desert weddings are all the rage in the UK right now. Just add gold sequins, succulents, and a beauiful bride in her lace dress and you get a gorgeous & elegant wedding.



Sources | Amy & Jordan Photography | Mel Barlow & Co |


Kelly’s Color Report Blush and Gold


Our event planning Poshtern, Kelly, has created a sweet and sophisticated design board featuring that classic gold and pink combo that we love at Posh! Very reminiscent of our Sweet Truffles shoot back in February! Also, be sure to check out Kelly’s other color palettes
|| Credits || Sources |Bouquet and Candles by Via Casa de Valentina ||  Table Candles by Romancing Belle Photography || Cake by Amy Cakes, Photography by Sheadee Hurst || Heels by Amy Arrington Photography || Gold Glitter Image || Champagne Image ||