You’re Engaged, Now What?

The waiting is over, and now you’re engaged. You’ve called all your family and friends and everyone has congratulated you. You sit there with your morning coffee, staring at your new ring shining on the once bare finger, and you think…”now what?”

So once you are engaged, how do you start planning, what do you do first?

1. Select your timing 

After the big news has been told to everyone, soon family and friends are going to start asking when the date is, so do that first. First think about timing. Choosing a date out of the blue is hard if you don’t have any idea when you want it. Think about how long you want your engagement to last, if there are certain holidays you need to work around for family members, or a certain season you had in mind. Picking your timing will make it easier to start planning everything else around it.

2. Insure your ring

It may sound ridiculous, because how could you ever let something happen to the new piece of jewelry that inhabits your ring finger, right? Regardless, anything is possible and there is no harm in getting it insured. Besides, who wants to get engaged and then have the ring lost, stolen or broken? What are you supposed to show off when everyone asks to see it? So take the time to get that covered, you’ll feel a lot better and less paranoid.

3. Set your budget

How else are you supposed to start planning or select a venue if you don’t know how much money you have to spend? Figure out your budget and lay out how much money you are allowed to spend on certain things. Giving yourself boundaries and specific numbers to work with will make it easier when choosing between things that are on the more expensive side.

4. Take a crack at the guest list

Try and remember that this guest list isn’t set in stone, just something to play around with and mull over. If you start your guest list early it will be easier to add or take people off of it. Talk it over with your fiancé and make sure you add the “for sure” people first, it’s easy to forget them believe it or not if you don’t think about it. So try coming up with a first draft guest list and start from there.

5. Pick your venue and set the date

Once you have an idea of when, and your budget, now you can book the venue. Doing that first will make it all more real and will get the ball rolling for the rest of the planning. Booking the venue is better to do in advance especially if it’s somewhere that books up fast. So pick the venue, get the date and set it!

Now that you’ve got the ring, get to planning!


Big Day, Big Decisions: Choosing Between a Band or a DJ

Choosing between a DJ and a live band is one of the most difficult reception choices because you don’t want to have just anyone setting the mood music for the night. After all, it is the beginning of the rest of your life!

When it comes to the choice, the decision is almost 50/50, because of the valid pros and cons for each side. So, are you thinking about a DJ or a band for your wedding? Here is what you should consider:



  • When it comes to cost, DJ’s can be less expensive compared to a band, and cost in some cases can be the deciding factor. The average cost for a DJ for about 5 hours is, about $500-$1,000.
  • The second biggest pro when it comes to picking a DJ is a repertoire. DJ’s are known for having everything under the sun when it comes to music, therefore would be great for a couple who would like a variety of songs.
  • There are no breaks with the music. When it comes to DJ’s they are trained to keep going without any breaks and will likely be able to keep playing soft music through toasts, fun music for the dance floor, and even a song as the night closes.


  • The energy can be a little dull. With such a happy day, you want the energy of the entertainment to be the same as well, in some cases; a DJ’s low energy can be a real party killer.
  • If you have something unique planned for a song, a DJ might not be the best option. When it comes to different tempos being used for let’s say, the father-daughter dance, a band might be a better option to follow along with unique requests. Improvisation can be a little tough for DJ’s.



  • Their presentation adds to the emotion of the whole day. There is just something about a live band that makes everything a little more emotional and real, which is exactly what the day is all about.
  • They are great for those who do not enjoy dancing. At every wedding their will be at least someone who doesn’t want to get out on the dance floor and with a band, they are a performance in themselves which makes it perfect for those who don’t want to dance, to watch.
  • They can change the tempo. If you have a tired fiancé who just can’t move as fast at the end of the night, or rambunctious flower girls who need the tempo to be as fast as their feet, a band can easily adjust the tempo for whatever mood you are in.


  • What tends to be the deal breaker for choosing between a band and a DJ, is the cost. A band tends to be more expensive depending on what you are looking for, so be prepared to spend more than you would on a DJ.
  • A live band will need to take some breaks. Having that much energy and keeping up with everyone at the wedding can get pretty tiring in which the group will need to take a breather. Usually there will be a CD or tracks of some sort to put on during this time but they won’t be the same as the live music and energy.


Now that you know the pros and cons it might be a little easier to make your decision. However, this isn’t something that will make or break your wedding. Think about what kind of music you want and what kind of energy you think will flow the best with your wedding and make your decision from there! Whether you choose a DJ or a band, I guarantee by the end, everyone will have danced the night away.

Coral and Yellow Wedding Inspiration



Happy Day color lovers! I just love color, so I wanted to share this happy color pallett with you. Coral and yellow tends to be on the upswing in terms of popularity with brides lately.  It’s just downright happy!  Here are a few of my favorite happy things for a coral and yellow wedding.






Bridesmaids: Abby Rose Photography Hey Gorgeous Events via Style Me Pretty - Floral Design: Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral

Top 3 Trending Proposal Ideas

It’s probably the most nerve-wracking part of the whole wedding process, and marks the beginning of the wonderful journey that is a wedding, the proposal.

Recently, videos of the “most clever and romantic proposals” have been going viral. The quiet at home proposal is starting to die and new trends are popping up everywhere. If you are looking to pop the question and looking for how, check out these!

1. Destination Proposals

I’m talking the beach, or in Europe while on a trip together. Recently, beach proposals and other destination proposals have been all the rage because of the new and romantic setting it offers. So try taking your soon-to-be-fiance on a romantic getaway, or a trip for the weekend to the beach and pop the question when you think the time is right!

2. The Proposal Entourage

What better way to ask your better half if they’ll marry you then with close friends and family! Grooms lately have been choosing to involve groups of friends and family with popping the question, whether that be mom and dad leading you to the proposal spot, friends holding up a sign that says “Will you marry me?”, or even do the proposal nearby with friends and family close to pop out and congratulate you!

3. The Holiday Proposal

Recently the internet has been booming with pictures of proposals, and on Christmas, Valentines Day, and New Years I saw more than any other day of the year. With a holiday comes an already put in place romantic atmosphere which is why holidays seem to be the time to pop the question. Whether it be at dinner on Valentines Day, in front of a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve or in front of all your friends and family on New Years as the ball drops, the holiday spirit will add that little extra piece to your proposal, and it will always be a holiday to remember.

Check out this video for a little inspiration. He combined the destination and the entourage idea and it turned out beautifully! Enjoy!

The truth is it doesn’t matter where you pop the question, whether you use your entire family for help, whether it’s at a beach on vacation, or on Christmas morning. It will be beautiful. So take these ideas and play around with them if you’re looking for some inspiration, or try your own thing, it’s in your hands now.

DIY Pennants

Picture 12

Fall is the perfect season to have a wedding outdoors. It’s not too hot, not too cold and the color changing leaves will make any outdoor venue look magnificent. When having your ceremony and/or reception outside, there plenty of room for decorations. One easy DIY decoration to hang in the trees is pennants. Here is an easy way to make paper pennants as a decoration.


Here are the items you need: cardstock paper, packaging tape, a ruler, ribbon, a pencil (and eraser!) and scissors.

Picture 1

First measure 8 inches on one side of the paper. I got a booklet of the cardstock paper with 60 designs you have plenty of designs to choose. The cardstock booklet is easily found in Michael’s and the best part, I got the booklet 50% off!!! Start at the edge of the square so you don’t waste too much paper.  Mark where the 8 inch mark reaches on the paper.

Photo 4 Photo 3 Photo 2

Then draw a line from the edge, angling as it reaches the opposite end of the suar. Repeat this step at the 8 inch marker line. Make sure these angled lines connect at the very end of the paper. By now it should look you have just drawn a long triangle

Photo 3

Photo 4

Now it’s time to cut out the pennant!!

Picture 7

Repeat this step until you have the amount of pennants you need to put together. It’s best to use your first pennant and trace the outline so all the pennants have the same shape.

Picture 8

We’re almost there! Now it’s time for the ribbon. First, you should leave a couple of feet of ribbon in order to tie the ribbon around objects like a tree.


Next is to align the pennant on the ribbon. Make sure you flip the pennant around so you’re looking at the blank side. In order to tape the pennant on the ribbon, the pennant needs to be a few centimeters above the ribbon.

Now it’s time to tape it on!

Picture 9

Align the next pennant right next to them, allowing the edges touch each other, then tape it on. Repeat this step until all the pennants are taped on. As you could see, I was running out of room on my couch…

Picture 11

Tadah!! You have now made pennants!

Picture 12

Hope you enjoyed reading  how to make pennants from scratch. Decorations like pennants can help add extra color to your wedding, or any occasion. If you loved learning how to make pennants, check out Posh Bridal Lounge for more DIY ideas!

Going Vintage at Mercury Hall – A Brio Photography Shoot

0046-Brio Photography

October is such a wonderful time of the year for an outdoor wedding! It’s not too hot where everyone is sweating and it’s not too cold where people are shivering. With the warm sunny and a cool breeze, it was the perfect weather to do a styled shoot! Partnering with Brio Photography, this shoot took place at Mercury Hall and it was a blast! 0007-Brio Photography

The vintage theme for the shoot matched perfectly with the venue, flowers and dress.  With all of these combined, you could really feel the outdoors vibe for the wedding.0006-Brio Photography

The floral crown and bride’s bouquet by Fete look gorgeous!

0003-Brio Photography


0029-Brio Photography

0074-Brio Photography

Doesn’t the bride look beautiful! Katie from Kiss by Katie did such an amazing job with the bride’s hair and make-up. The bride’s long wavy hair flows down perfectly. Her combined look with her long bridal dress, floral crown, lace earrings and her hair and make-up makes her look like the perfect bride!

0048-Brio Photography 0100-Brio Photography

Can’t you see the chemistry between the bride and groom? You could definitely tell in the photos the bride and groom felt comfortable and relaxed with one another during the shoot.0056-Brio Photography

I just love the gold lace earrings! Whitney from Stella & Dot provided the perfect accessories to accompany the dress. This sheath dress with a sweetheart neckline flowed with the breeze during the shoot, which provided some amazing shots!

0046-Brio Photography

0070-Brio Photography

0110-Brio Photography

This styled shoot has taught me two things: fall is the perfect season to have a wedding and even the small things like accessories, when complementing each other, can make a wedding look fabulous.


Credits || Photography | Brio Photography || Venue | Mercury Hall || Hair & Make-Up | Kiss by Katie || Bridal Gown | Blue Bridal Boutique || Jewelry | Stella & Dot || Flowers | Fete || Female Model | Kaitlin Borel || Male Model | Jan Bisaga

2 Ingredient Desserts that DONT Have Pumpkin

Screenshot 2014-10-02 17.47.43

Be honest with yourself, you don’t really love cooking, do you? I mean there are some of you who genuinely get a high from baking, mixing, mashing, stirring, roasting, glazing, and we are very thankful you exist to feed us yummy food. But the rest of us? Eh, if it were easy and require minimal effort, time, and money, we’d get in there more, right? Well, excuses are over for us because for this Friday Favorites, I have found some awesome 2 ingredient dessert recipes for the fall! So for all you DIY junkies, this is the perfect post for you to consider if you’re looking to fit your own dessert table for your wedding!

Sparkling Spice Apple Cake

Wait, there are three flavors but only two ingredients? Yep. It is this easy:

1. 12 oz sparkling apple cider

2. Spice cake mix

That’s it. Stupid easy, right? And not an ounce of pumpkin for this fall flavor!


Ice Cream Bread

Being from Texas, the heat stays on all the way into “fall” so I am looking for new and cool ways to fix my sweet tooth. And while ice cream cake is always an option, there’s something comforting about the idea of ice cream bread, am I right? Ready for those two magic ingredients?

1. 2 cups of softened ice cream, any flavor

2. ½ cups of self rising flour

Any flavor, your way.


Butterfinger Cookies

Yes, I did just give you three dessert recipes that DONT include pumpkin. You’re welcome.
1. 16.5-oz. package refrigerated sugar cookie dough, at room temp
2. 6 Butterfinger bars, 5 whole and 1 coarsely chopped

Screenshot 2014-10-02 17.47.43e…

Sources | Apple Spice Cake | Ice Cream Bread | Butterfinger Cookies |

What is an “Unplugged” Wedding and Why you Want One


The new trend of unplugged weddings was not started to help your guests be present during the most important day of your life (although it is an awesome bonus!), it was to make sure the thousands of dollars you spent on your wedding photographer wasn’t just to get good pictures of Uncle Frank with his red ipad at eye level in front of everyone.


Having a well-intentioned guest (or Uncle Frank and his ipad) stepping in the middle of the aisle to get that first kiss shot, and by doing so getting right in front of your photographer is not something you want to ruin your beautiful memories (and yes, Uncle Frank was a real person at one of my weddings and I could only photoshop him and that RED ipad out of so many pictures).

There is also the added stress of social media, if a friend takes a phone pic of you in your dress and posts it to Facebook will that end up being the way your fiance sees you for the first time on your wedding day?

        These days it is completely acceptable to ask your guests to join you for an unplugged wedding! This can be done in a number of beautiful and crafty ways (and thanks to Pinterest you can see all of them!) but one of the most simple, non-offensive signs I have seen read “There’s a gal taking pictures…we asked her to come. So please rest your cameras, our ceremony needs only one. – The Newlyweds”


Boho Glam: Three Essentials


This Bohemian romance isn’t complete without the lacy dress and elegant headpiece, but more than Jessica’s style, the venue down to the cake create a wonderland in the woods. Staying close to nature and keeping it simple and clean is key to keeping your boho look authentic, and this outdoor shoot reflects some of those perfect elements. And don’t forget your wildflowers to add that subtle, but colorful pop!



Boho wedding outdoors

boho glam wedding

Naked Cakes

Ok, my favorite – the cake. And I am a huge frosting gal, so the idea of a naked cake seems like a huge “no-no” – but there is no lack of sweet on this chocolate dessert layered with this homemade frosting, and blackberries? Ok, I’m sold. No to mention the naturey bits with grapes, pear, and rose buds take this cake from humble to high-class with those dazzling golden apples.

Naked Cakes

naked cake boho

Boho naked cake


Let’s face it, we may like that free-flow feeling that the boho vibe gives off, but we still want to be elegant and have an heir of prestige on our day, right? This boho goddess knows how to glam it up by using glass and gold to up the look of her nature-loving theme. And as every royal knows, lace is a sure sign that your wedding is nothing less than fancy.

boho glam

boho glam wedding

boho glam wedding

Is your wedding boho-glam ready with nature, naked cakes, and those hints of elegance?

|| Credits || Photographer | Cassandra Farley || Models |  Jessica Lee | Colton Lee || Makeup & Hair | Kelli Miller || Cake | Sweet Cakes by Karen || Tables & Chairs | St. George Party Rentals || Paper Details |  Jacki Miller Photo + Design || Florist | RAB Floral Design || Plates |  Main Street Antiques || Head Piece |  Danani Handmade Adornments || Dress | My Amazing Wedding Dress ||

Want to see Jessica and Colton’s full album of fancy boho? Go here!


All that Glitters


Color trends are one of the things we are always watching out for, and mint seems to have been winning the popularity contest in recent trend reports.

The last few seasons, mint has played a heavy role in many vintage and rustic weddings, but what about the glamorous elegant ones? Will it work for those?

Here is a great example of how mint plays oh so nicely with gold tones.

Sources : PaperMoxie || Escort Cards Photo by Kate Miller Photography  ||  Shoes photo by Mango Studios  ||  Statement Necklace photo by Tana Photography